18th December 2018

My Story – Adrian Rochester

Matched betting was something I stumbled across whilst looking for ways to supplement my income, after qualifying as a law graduate.

On a measly graduate’s salary, I wanted to make more money, at no risk, so I could enjoy the flexibility and stability that a second income affords.

Skeptical at first, I quickly realised that by using the right formula, with matched betting there really was no catch.  I was making extra money, tax-free and at no risk.  Reaching a point where I achieved my financial goals, I turned my attention to helping others.  Friends and family gave me the idea, coming to me with questions about how this tried and tested method worked?  With a large proportion more interested than skeptical, I started teaching them one to one, enjoying that fact that my loved ones were benefiting from ‘free money’, with regular success.

Bookie Revolution was born out of the drive to help others make more money, to give them flexibility, supplement their income or help them cover those monthly bills.

At Bookie Revolution, we’ve made matched betting simple. There are no lengthy tutorials to follow or complicated instructions to decipher, simply sign up and we’ll email you what bets to place and the bookmakers to join.

If you have any questions, need advice or want to talk to someone direct just ask our live chat, email or call the number, one of our friendly advisers will be happy to help.

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