18th December 2018

Matched Betting Made Easy

Before you ask, YES matched betting is legal, YES it’s tried and tested and NO, it’s not gambling. If you follow our simple step by step process (click through to how it works page) then you really can earn an additional income, tax-free, to help cover some of those monthly outgoings and maybe even put towards your next holiday?

But what is “matched betting”?  It’s a mathematical technique which, if done right, guarantees a profit from online bookmaker’s free bet promotions.  Many bookmakers advertise these offers but whilst their aim is to encourage new customers to bet and existing ones to return, matched betting allows you to utilise only the free bets and actually guarantee a return.  And if you don’t believe me, a William Hill spokesperson indicated that the betting industry doesn’t have a problem with the use of free bets. (Source: Wikipedia)

Before you get started though, you need to understand the two types of bet.

  1. ‘Back’ bet for a certain outcome. E.G.“I bet Arsenal will win.”  You can place a ‘back’ bet at a bookmaker like William Hill.
  2. ‘Lay’ bet against a certain outcome. E.G.”I bet Arsenal will not win.” You win the bet whether they lose or draw.  You can place a ‘lay’ bet at a betting exchange like Betfair.

With matched betting, you literally match your own bet.  You cancel the risk on the ‘back’ bet at the online bookies by placing a ‘lay’ bet at the same odds at a betting exchange.

Once you’ve made your first (qualifying) bet, the bookmaker will offer you a free bet.  Just ‘back’ bet using the free bet, then ‘lay’ the bet. Whatever the outcome you end up in profit.

When you’re betting for and against the same event, you’re covering both outcomes, so there is no risk.  But people do make mistakes, so it’s important to get good advice from someone who’s competent at the process and can communicate the steps simply.

When you are comfortable with the process and start seeing the financial rewards, you can use free bet offers from any bookmaker.

Oh, and did I mention it’s tax-free income too!

For more information on the step by step process, to ask a question or simply get started get in touch today.

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