Matched Betting: Make Money Online

How it works

“How anyone can make money matched betting”. Read my story

Matched Betting: Make Money Online

How it works

“How anyone can make money matched betting”. Read my story

I'll show you how to earn £50 with the free trial
10 years matched betting experience
Offers for beginners and advanced matched bettors

What is matched betting?

What is matched betting?

Matched betting is the surefire way to earn money from the introductory offers that bookmakers provide.  We do the hard work, find offers and email you all the information you need.

All you do is pick the offers, place your bets and reap the rewards. And before you ask; yes, it is perfectly legitimate and yes, it provides a return for all customers.

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Are you looking to make some extra money? Let us do the hard work for you

  • Make £14-£75 per offer
  • Take advantage whilst this lucrative loophole exists
  • Anyone can do it!
  • Each offer can be completed within 5 minutes
  • We send you the instructions when requested for each bookmaker’s signup offer
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Sign up today to start earning some extra money. Our website offers a free trial and we provide a free introductory telephone call to help you understand matched betting and our website. If you are looking to make extra money online from the comfort of home then this is an ideal way to make some easy money. Our website has the unique request a bet feature which makes it ideal for people new to matched betting. Gain full access to Bookie Revolution by creating an account below.

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*Disclaimer: We are legally required to state that there is no guarantee of specific results. The amount of money you earn is dependent on the time and effort that you commit. Matched Betting isn't Gambling, but it is only for over 18's.

What Our Members Say

I joined the site after a friend had recommend this service to me, within the first month I completed a majority of the offers and banked £500 was very happy! Am now looking to learn more and progress my matched betting
Lucy | Southampton
Saw an advert on Facebook and thought why not give it a go as the trial was free, I made £33 from that and then joined and i've made just over £400 soo far, happy days!
Corin | London

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Congratulations on making it this far I want to tell you how matched betting can benefit you! My name is Adrian and this is my story of how I got into matched betting. I remember working the standard 9-5 in Southampton after finishing up at Uni and thinking is this it? I never really fitted in there and thought am I meant to spend the rest of my life working behind a desk being bossed around and having to pretend to be someone else to progress in this corporate environment.. I felt like I needed to find a way out. Life wasn’t meeting expectations!

I remember searching for ways to make money online, brainstorming different ideas, reading books just searching for anything until one day a guy in the office told me about matched betting. He showed me the money he was making and how he was doing it, my mind seeking an opportunity felt like it had finally found something. I went home and started learning how to do it myself and couldn’t believe that this actually worked, why hadn’t I found out about this sooner! I used to bet before for fun and always lost money it never occurred to me that you could make money from free bets and bonuses until I learnt about matched betting.. and that was 10 years ago! I remember just feeling liberated that I could make money at home and that before the whistle had even blown on a game of football that I knew exactly how much money I would make from using the offers. I was making money whilst I slept.

Realising this was a gold mine with all the freebets and bonuses it was easy money, a ‘no brainer’ my friends seeing that I was making extra money and starting to get some nice things were interested! I’d tell them I’ve got £500 worth of bets on tonight’s game and they’d look at me like I was crazy!. It seemed matched betting was a hard concept to get over to people, it just sounded too good to be true. Questions like if it’s soo good why isn’t everyone doing it? It’s a good question I suppose not everyone’s looking to make some extra money or has an open mind.. plus if you go by and are led by what the majority do you’ll end up with an average life! A few months later though and they wanted me to show them how I was doing it and soon enough a lot of my friends were coming to me for advice, by this time I’d become a Pro and had worked out my own strategy and way to attack the offers. I started to charge them for my advice which meant I could leave my job, travel and invest my earnings into other ventures, I also learnt how to trade in the financial markets using the disciplines I’d picked up through matched betting.

Fast forward to 2021 and now I want to bring my advice and experience to more people especially at a time like this, we are living through difficult times. People are obviously at home more and so it gives them an amazing opportunity to make some extra money to help with day to day living. Matched betting isn’t a get quick rich scheme and to be honest it is not what it used to be but it still makes money and it is still a worthwhile venture for all the signup offers. Sadly like most things it won’t last forever so now is the time to take action before this loophole comes to an end. This is your chance to take some money from the bookmakers and make some tax free cash at the same time. If you are smart with the money you make you can really set yourself up.

My site has made matched betting simple, I want it to be able to be used by people at all levels so I made a system where you simply request the offer and then you are sent all the details you need to make money through the freebets that the bookmakers offer. It’s so simple that you can do it on your mobile and you don’t need to use any overly complicated betting software. Also the price is very affordable at only £34.99 per year and with the free trial you can make £70 which more than covers the cost of taking out a yearly membership if you choose to continue.

In life you must take every opportunity that’s presented to you and if your goal is to make some extra money then you should jump at this! Also for all the experienced matched bettors out there I have some unique great offers for you which you will not find on any other sites and that will make you a lot of consistent easy money.

Who is Matched Betting For?

You don’t need to know anything about sport or sports betting to make money from matched betting.  Our members start for many reasons, the biggest being to make some extra money. It doesn’t matter what sporting event you bet on, you can guarantee a profit by using the free bets bookmakers offer.

You may not have heard of matched betting, but it’s been a hot topic for some time, with many people benefiting from this tax-free income already.

Are you ready to get involved?